Disable Windows Genuine Advantage Notifications – RemoveWGA –

Windows 7 has been published for almost a year, many users upgraded or migrated to the Microsoft new brand operating system, and satisfied with it.

As we all know, using a pirated Windows copy comes with continually problems or risks including (and not restricted to) security, legal issues, and constant notifications from WGA (Windows Genuine Advantage). But there are still a significant number of people using pirated Windows 7. So Microsoft released a WAT update package KB971033 to disable “Windows 7 activation crack” like RemoveWAT, Chew-WGA or other Windows 7 Loaders, and then display WGA Notification screens to remind users to pay for genuine software products.

However, if you confident with your genuine Windows 7 copy, then KB971033 hotfix will be dispensable for you. In fact, the WAT update adds many unnecessary files and system components to Windows 7, send some of your personal data to Microsoft (although MS announced that users information will NOT be abused). What’s more, KB971033 will check your system for illegal use every 90 days…

Sounds terrible? Don’t worry, you of course have the right to stop it! You can manually uninstall KB971033 if the hotfix has been installed automatically. And the second choice to fix the issue is the tiny tool – RemoveWGA.

RemoveWGA will enable you to easily remove the Microsoft “Windows Genuine Advantage Notifications” tool, which is calling home and connect to MS servers every time you boot. But notice that, RemoveWGA only removes the notification part, phoning home, and does not touch the Validation part.

For pirated software users: As many 0day crackers say, “If you like it, just buy it!” Do you think so? :)


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